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Massage in Mumbai

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Massage in Mumbai  lives are routine and hectic. Balancing work and home can get both hectic and stressful and time is something that we always fall short of. The key to leading a hectic and fast lifestyle is having a physically healthy body and focussed mind. Most may be unable to give enough time for physical activities or indulge in holidays to refresh their minds. However, it is vital that we relieve mental stress and get rid of any physical aches or pains in the body. Indulging in a spa session every fortnight or atleast once in a month can help you relax your body and mind. A relaxing massage at the hands of an experienced therapist will get rid of stress, calm your mind and soothe your aches and pains. We have a wide range of services in massages. We offer premium style massage services at our massage parlour in Mumbai.

How is our Massage Center in Mumbai Different from Others?

One of the best things about visiting our massage center in Mumbai that you get a chance to revitalize your body and mind here. The only effort that you put in is to book an appointment with us and arrive at the center. Once you arrive at our massage parlour we will ensure that you are pampered with the best massage. Although we are centrally located, if you find difficult to locate us then we are just a call away; we will guide you to our centre. We follow high standards when it comes to spa hygiene and cleanliness:

  • All steel implements used are treated with alcohol, scrubbed and soaked in anti-bacterial solution. The implements are then rinsed, dried and sterilized. All sterilized implements are used just once. Any other products that do not come in steel or are impracticable to be used in steel are trashed after one use.
  • Cleaning and dusting is a part of the massage parlour’s daily routine. This is to ensure that our clients allergic to dust do not face problems. Sheets and spa linen are washed everyday and sanitized.

What are the significance of getting a body massage in Mumbai?

Massage is commonly a part of harmonizing and integrative medicine. It is increasingly being used along with standard treatment for different types of medical conditions and situations. Several studies of benefits of massage exhibit that it is an effective treatment for lowering and sometimes even curing muscle tension, stress and pain.

Human body needs rest at certain intervals but time-crunch doesn’t permit us to do so. However, mental and physical stress can overtime lead to conditions that could prove injurious to health. Proper sleep and a calming body massage can help in alleviating the body pain and mental pressure. Getting a body massage is a great way to take a break from your regular day and provide your aching muscles with adequate rest through an invigorating massage.

Our experienced masseurs will ensure that you are provided with the massage that is required by your body type and best suited for your condition.

What to expect during a massage parlour in mumbai ?

Besides just a day off there is nothing special that you need to prepare for when you go for a body massage. The massage therapists will ask you some questions about your health. You must mention to them about your body pains or aches or if there is a specific place such as your back that you would like them to concentrate on.

  • The therapist will explain to you the various techniques and types of massages available and the one that will best suit you. At this time, you can request for female to male massage in Mumbai Depending on the type of massage therapy session you pick you might have to wear loosely fitted clothing or partially undress so you are comfortable.
  • Massage sessions are usually performed on special heavily padded massage tables that come with a face cradle permitting you to breathe comfortably whilst you lie down for the session. However, some massage sessions are also performed on massage chairs which are equally comfortable and relaxing.
  • Before the therapist can begin the massage session they evaluate and locate the tense and painful areas. They also apply pressure using fingers or palm to determine how much pressure you would be comfortable in for them to use in your therapy session. Your massage therapist should perform an evaluation.
  • A massage therapist will then ask your preference on using oil or lotion on your skin. If you are allergic to any ingredients you should reveal about it to the therapist. We use high quality lotions and oils that are natural and safe to use on skin.
  • A full body massage session usually lasts 90 minutes but the time limit may differ depending on the type of massage you pick or the time that you can spend at our massage parlour. All the massages are meant to relax your body and mind. Irrespective of the type of massage that you pick you will definitely feel revived and re-energized after your therapy session.
  • Occasionally you might feel pain while in a specific spot, it is because there is a knot in the muscle and as your therapist works it out it will loosen up. However, if you find that the therapist is using too much pressure and you are finding it to be painful then you must inform the therapist about it.

How can I get a massage session?

If you wish to get a relaxing body massage in Mumbai then you can get in touch with us in the contact details mentioned. You can take an appointment with us for a comforting massage therapy session at your convenient time. We ensure that we will provide you with quality therapy sessions and services that will have you coming back at our centre for more.