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Affordable Body Massage in Thane

Let us look at the popular massage techniques which can help you decide which one would be most suitable for you. A lot of people are not sure if they should go for a deep tissue massage or a relaxing Swedish massage, whether a female to male massage in Thane would be suitable or a sports massage would be more beneficial. In order to help you choose what would be best for you, let us look at the types of massage techniques and the results that they target:

1. Swedish Massage

It is one of the most common massages offered by massage therapists around the world. It is known to be effective in helping you relax and unwind. The kneading motions loosen your muscles while long, flowing strokes towards your heart encourage lymphatic drainage. Deep circular movements release muscle tension and tapping movements increase blood flow through your body.

2. Reflexology

This type of massage is good for people who are very sensitive to touch and would not like a full body massage in Thane. The main focus for this massage is your feet, your hands and your ears. Using pressure points in these areas, the massage therapist helps you relax and de-stress. It is also a good option if you are looking for a quick massage.

3. Sports Massage

Usually chosen by active sportspeople; sports massage focuses on identifying weak or soft points of the body. These are then strengthened with the help of massage. It reduces the chances of a sports injury and can also be used to relieve muscle cramps, soreness or pain caused by sports.

4. Deep Tissue Massage

If you have been suffering from chronic pains then deep tissue massages are more effective. They focus on reaching the deeper tissues to relieve pain and pressure built in these deeper tissues. It can involve the use of knuckles and elbows to reach the deep tissues of your body. It is not ideal for people who are sensitive to touch.

5. Medical Massage

If you are recovering from an injury like a muscle cramp then gentle massage of the area can comfort the pain caused by the injury and strengthen the soft tissues around the injury.

6. Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is once again being revived in the world as an effective alternative treatment for many problems of the body and mind. Ayurvedic massage focuses on using the age-old techniques of Ayurveda to provide you with a relaxing massage that aims to align the body, mind and spirit, creating a balance among the three.

Reasons for choosing a Female to Male Massage in Thane

A lot of massage therapists are females. Many people who are sensitive to touch or who do not want their massage therapy to involve heavy kneading of the muscles then they may choose female massage to male massage in Thane. Since females have delicate fingers, the massage can be given gently. As one of the best body spa in Thane, we feel that it is important that you are comfortable with the quality of massage and have the choice of choosing whether a male or a female massage therapist should give you the massage.