Massage at Home Mumbai
Massage at Home Mumbai

If you are looking for a refreshing body massage from the comforts of your home, then our parlour offers massage at home Mumbai. All of us look forward to a relaxing weekend and there is nothing better than a rejuvenating body massage to soothe your body and mind. A body massage is even more comforting when you get it done at home.

Our massage Parlour offers body massage at home, Mumbai, which you can easily book over the phone or online.

When our massage therapist arrives at your home, here are some things that you must know before you begin your massage session.

  1. Take a Shower Before the Massage Session

One of the best ways to prepare for a massage session is to take a warm shower. Health experts reveal that having a warm water shower helps in relaxing the muscles of the body. Relaxed muscles will be easier to rub down and enhance the benefits of the massage. Presenting a clean self is something good not to forget the therapist would appreciate it too.

  1. Drink Water Both Before and After the Massage

Body massage breaks down and releases all the toxic build-up by loosening your muscles. Therefore consuming enough water helps bin flushing out these toxins easily. It boosts the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body both of which tend to dehydrate you; therefore, consuming a lot of water after the massage not just removes the metabolic waste but also builds healthy muscle tissue.

  1. Wear Comfortable and Lose Clothing

One is usually quite comfortable when it comes to wearing clothes at home. Before our therapist comes you can dress in comfortable and loose clothing. This will keep your body relaxed and for the body massage, you can undress according to your level of comfort. The body is very light, tender and extremely relaxed after a body massage, and wearing restrictive clothing will only make you uncomfortable.

  1. Breathe Normally Throughout the Massage Session

You will have got the most from your massage session only if you feel that both your body and mind are completely relaxed and at ease. As your therapist works to loosen your tight muscles, you must breathe normally. Holding your breath or breathing slowly out of nervousness must be avoided at all costs. Abnormal breathing will not get the desired results from a body massage. When you hold your breath unusually, your body muscles tend to get tensed or tight and making it difficult for the therapist to work on them. Therefore you must inhale and exhale as you normally do even when you are getting a body massage.

  1. Speak to Your Therapist

A massage therapist is the one who will work on your body and help it relax. A body massage session usually lasts upto 90 minutes and the therapist works to help you relieve your body of any pain. So, if there is an underlying condition that you suffer from or if you are allergic to certain oil and lotion, then you must inform the therapist about it before they begin the process. Body massage also requires the therapist to apply pressure to release the tension from tight muscles, but if at any time of the massage session, you find the pressure to be unbearable, then you must speak up. The point of getting a body massage is that you feel relaxed and not painful.

We ensure that your service of massage at home, Mumbai will be a comfortable one. Remember to inform us about the type of massage that you want to get when you call to book an appointment with us.