Massage center in Mumbai
Massage center in Mumbai

Every massage center in Mumbai is eagerly waiting to return to business as usual. But there are lots of precautions which must be taken by massage centers and spas because unlike other businesses, massage centers are mostly dependent on touch therapies.

There is a possibility that after the COVID-19 pandemic, we may identify more non-touch therapies for our clients. For now, we have identified the following precautions which will be important to provide clients with a safe and hygienic environment:

  1. How are we tackling problems of social distancing?

Social distancing has become the new norm after the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we have repositioned our lobby area to reduce overcrowding. At the same time, we have also been encouraging clients to take an appointment online.

This will help us reduce crowded lobbies and it will also save you time that is otherwise spent waiting in the lobby.

  1. How will our massage center in Mumbai maintain hygiene and safety?

 These are some of the ways in which we intend to maintain hygiene:

  • The entire massage center is disinfected and fumigated every day to make sure that the premises remains safe for everyone. The disinfection process takes place in the end of day, every day.
  • All massage rooms are disinfected after each therapy to reduce chances of contamination. By keeping the place hygienic for our clients, we can also be sure that they will have a safe massage experience.
  • Instead of using reusable sheets and towels, we have now transitioned entirely to disposable sheets and towels. As a result, every client can be assured that there can be no chances of contamination from one person to another. Disposable sheets and towels also promote overall healthiness in the massage center.
  • We have added hands-free sanitizers at all entry and exit points to increase safety of the environment. All masseurs are required to sanitize their hands before they provide any therapy to the clients.

These are the major steps that we are taking to reduce the spread of infection and improve the health and safety of our clients and maintain hygiene within our massage center.

  1. Is sickness allowed at our massage center in Mumbai?

We will be conducting daily temperature checks and employees will sign a self-declaration before they resume work after lockdown. Sickness is strictly not allowed in our massage parlour in Mumbai.

All clients will also have to go through temperature checks and sign a self-declaration before we can provide a massage therapy to them.

  1. Promoting digital payments at our massage center in Mumbai

 Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we had gradually started transitioning to digital payments. After the lockdown, we intend to make digital payments our priority to reduce chances of spreading the infection.

  1. Encouraging all guests to wear masks and shower before the therapy

Masks will be mandatory for all masseurs and staff members. This helps in maintaining safety of our staff and our clients. In addition to this, we will also be encouraging all clients to wear a mask when they come to our premises.

We have also made it mandatory for our guests to shower before the therapy. This reduces the chances of cross contamination.

Our teams are also exploring new therapies and identifying methodologies that do not involve human touch. While our touch therapies will continue to be a part of our service offerings, we will add more non-touch therapies by training our staff members on new techniques.

The safety of all our staff members and every client is extremely important for us. This is the reason why we have put so many measures in place to provide everyone with a safe massage experience.