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Are you looking for a massage parlour in Ahmedabad ? Then expect a premium and sophisticated experience at our centre. Well-trained staff in the front desk and skilled therapists will make your experience at our centre in Ahmedabad a rememberable one.

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A full body massage is more than just ‘feeling good at the moment’. The more regularly you get a massage the more you help your body and mind to stay calm and relaxed. At a certain point, it also makes you pliant to stress both mental and physical, promoting the overall well-being of the body. Massages are an effectual treatment for pain, muscle tension and lowering stress. The natural oils and lotions along with different types of therapies such as heat therapy, are highly beneficial for the body. Therefore one must take the benefits of massages by getting them done at regular intervals. 

What Type of Massages are Available in Massage center in Ahmedabad ?

There is a variety of massages that our parlour has to offer. Some of which are

  • Balinese Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

We also offer customized massages to our clients. Our therapists will explain to you the different massages and the one that will be best suited for you.

How Does a Therapist Work in a Full Body Massage Session?

There is a flow in the way a therapist works while giving a body massage. A skilled therapist will progress in the below way. However, at times it may vary depending on the type of massage or technique or therapy that you are undergoing. Here is what you should expect while you are getting a body massage done:

  1. Warming Up the Body Tissues – While giving a full body massage, the therapist begins with smooth and long effleurage strokes (circular movements using the palm of a hand) from the ankle to the hip. This is done to evenly spread the oils or lotion. These strokes also help in warming up the body tissues. The therapist slowly uses petrissage movements (deep pressure) and works on certain muscles and areas that are tight. Long and slow strokes on the legs will relax your entire body. You will feel your legs getting lighter.
  1. Back Massage – After completing the legs the therapist moves to the back. They use slow and long effleurage strokes on either side of the spine. They apply more pressure once the tissues have been lubricated well. They will use their knuckles, fingers, wrists and at times elbows too to relieve the tight muscles of your back. Different types of strokes such as percussion, compression and friction are applied to massage the back. The therapist always whether the client is comfortable with the amount of pressure applied to ensure they don’t experience pain.
  2. Arms and Hands – Once the therapist has massaged your back, they work with the hands and arms which can be done with face up or down. Similar strokes that are used to massage the legs are used to massage the hands. However, the compression, friction and compression are performed in a more intense way. The therapist should also massage the hands and fingers of the client.
  3. Head and Jaw – The jawline, cheekbones, nose, and forehead are all massaged with small and light friction circles. Along with the head and jaws, the collarbone and the upper chest are also massaged. The throat area is avoided. The neck and shoulders are usually the troublesome areas as most clients suffer from neck and shoulder pain. If the client wishes the therapist can use more pressure to release tension from the troublesome areas.
  4. Foot Massage – Working last with the feet ensures that the bacteria from the feet don’t spread over the body. The toes are rolled and lightly pulled to relax.

Once the massage is over, the therapist informs the client about it. The entire procedure takes up to 90 minutes.

Why Should You Book a Massage Therapy Session With Us?

Our massage centre in Ahmedabad gives you many reasons to book an appointment with us.

  • Trained, Experienced and Skilled Therapists – A body massage is no good at the hands of an untrained or inexperienced person. We understand the value of a rejuvenating massage and thus employ trained and skilful therapists that are knowledgeable. Our practised therapists are trained in a variety of body massages and know how to implement the right techniques on the clients.
  • Uncompromising Quality of Products – Whether it is the fragrances in the hydrotherapy or oils used for the massages our massage parlour in Ahmedabad uses high-quality products. We ensure that our clients are pampered with excellent products.
  • Request for Therapists – If you prefer to get a female to male massage in Ahmedabad then you can make a request ahead with us.
  • Pre-Massage Indulging – Arrive atleast 30 minutes ahead for your body massage in Ahmedabad and head for a shower to rid your body of any chlorine or chemical products that you have applied on your body. A soothing shower will help you calm your body and mind so you can have a relaxed massaging therapy session. Arriving early also gives you time to store away your valuables in the lockers that we provide.
  • Our massage centre offers you want a quiet, serene, well-designed environment with low lights and soothing music and pleasant fragrances in the air.

For a great massaging experience, avoid food an hour before you come for your appointment with us. Drink lots of water after you go back home after your massage to enhance its benefits. A body massage is invigorating and revitalizing, you must always get a massage at regular intervals.