Body Massage In Mumbai
Body Massage In Mumbai
Massage in Bandra is not new, massage therapy dates back thousands of years as it was widely used by our ancestors to combat a myriad of illnesses. Nowadays, more research has been done to understand the wide benefits of massage that seems to be effective in combating physical, emotional, and mental complications. Whether you have physical pains or other psychological problems like anxiety, depression, or insomnia, massage therapy can most likely help you feel better. Think back to your last massage, that post-massage feeling where your body is relaxed, and mind is clear. As massage therapy gained popularity, there are now over 80 massage therapy styles to choose from. These include styles of a variety of movements, pressures, and techniques specific for different kinds of ailments. Our new massage center in Bandra aims to offer you the widest variety of therapies from our professionally trained therapists. Our goal is to provide you the best service in our massage parlour in Bandra so that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to take on the rest of the week.

How to Find the Right Massage Center in Bandra ?

Due to the increase in popularity and demand of massage therapy, there are now 80 over different massage styles to choose from. This ranges from short, percussive strokes to long, smooth strokes; with some therapies including the use of lotions or oils. Besides this, some therapies also last from 5 minutes up to 2 hours. So, with so many different therapies, how will you the best and most suitable one that will actually help you? To help with this decision, you should always ask yourself before going for a massage “What do I want to achieve for this session? Is it solely for relaxation?” Or do you need specific symptom relief for a particular health condition? If you are still unsure, our highly trained therapists can help answer your concerns and even curate a more specific therapy to suit your needs.
  • Swedish Therapy
Swedish therapy is popular due to both its relaxing and energizing properties that can even help injuries. The four common strokes used in this style include effleurage, petrissage, friction, and tapotement. Effleurage is used to relax soft tissue with smooth, gliding strokes. Petrissage then follows effleurage in a squeezing, rolling or kneading motions. Friction is used to promote blood flow and break down scar tissue via deep, circular movements that cause friction between the layers of tissue. And lastly, tapotement is short, tapping movements done with cupped hands, fingers, or the edge of the hand in intervals.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage, as the name suggests, is for the more stubborn or stiff parts of your body. With slow, deliberate strokes, pressure is stressed on layers of deep tissue, muscles, and tendons that sit below the skin. This type of massage is less rhythmic but offers highly therapeutic effects as it can relieve chronic tensions. So, if you have specific muscle injuries or even back sprain, this massage could do wonders for your body.
  • Sports Massage
Although mostly sportsmen and athletes benefit greatly from sports massages, it isn’t only restricted to this group of patients. Its deep tissue techniques are used to treat a variety of pains including muscle and joint injuries, postural stresses, headaches, whiplash, golfers and tennis elbow, back pain, and strain injuries. However, for athletes in training, this therapy is usually done before, during, or after sports events to prevent injuries and boost flexibility. Sports massage therapy uses more stretching and compression techniques that are fast-paced. Targeting the deep tissue, the treatment involves a mix of longitudinal stripping, tapotement, friction techniques, and muscle energy techniques.
  • Chair Massage
Massage therapy is so beneficial that even a 15 to 20 minutes chair massage can improve your wellbeing if you do it regularly. Nowadays, you can even find chair massage in malls, music festivals, and they are even offered by some companies to keep employees healthy and happy. Chair massages are usually done for people who are pressed for time, or just want a simple pick-me-up after a long hard day. Patients are seated fully clothed on a specially designed, portable massage chair. The target areas include the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands.
  • Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, and it uses intervals of rhythmic pressure on specific points of the body. Shiatsu massage therapists are usually trained to identify precise points of the body called acupressure points. These points are crucial in controlling the flow of Chi, which is the body’s vital energy. Shiatsu massage aims to relieve blockages at these acupressure points to help you feel energized.