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A massage in Jaisalmer is an experience that has a lot of benefits, especially in this current lifestyle. It is therapeutic, helps in reducing anxiety, breaks up muscle tension and also benefits your body in healing any tissue damage from any injuries. However, to get the best benefit from your massage in Jaisalmer, here are some of the key points to keep in mind. 

1)Will I be asked to undress?

The answer is – Yes. There is no point to get a massage done if you are uncomfortable in taking off your clothes. To have the best experience, you need to undress so that the massage therapist can apply essential oils. These oils are good for your body and smell good. The therapist also is comfortable in reaching out to your muscles so you can get the best experience.

However, you don’t need to worry as all this is done in complete privacy. Also, it is up to you if you want to undress completely or keep your underwear on.

2)What do you need to prepare before the massage?

It is important to hydrate yourself before any massage. Have plenty of water before your massage appointment. Getting a massage done is dehydrating in nature, so it is advised to have plenty of water before and after the massage. This makes sure your body is hydrated as it increases the blood and oxygen circulation.

It is also advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes before going to your massage session. This way, it will be easier to undress to your comfort level, and also after the massage is over, you can dress up quickly.

3)What kind of massage you should go for?

Today, there are many different kinds of massages that you can choose from. These massages differ on basis of what benefits you can from them and what mood you are in. Here are some different types of massages that you can choose from:

  • Hot stone massage: This type of massage helps ease muscle tension and improve blood flow in your body. It will also help you relax and ease mental tension.
  • Aromatherapy massage: If you are in a bad mood, then this is the perfect one for you. This will help you lift your mood, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression from your body.
  • Deep tissue massage: As the name suggests, it is a tissue healing massage. If you have muscle tension or any pain in your muscles, you should definitely go for this type of massage. This massage involves the use of slightly higher pressure, so if you are a sensitive person, you should avoid it.
  • Thai Massage: This is one of the most common type of massage that people go for. For beginners to get a feel of the experience this is the best option. It is good for lifting up your mood, relaxing, and improved energy levels.
  • Couple Massage: This massage is a very good experience for any couple. You can also get this massage with a friend wherein two people get the massage side by side on a different table. You can choose any type of massages like hot stone, aromatherapy, or any other of your choice.

4)How frequently should you get a massage done?

Getting a massage done too frequently is not a good idea. It can do you more harm than good that way. To get the most benefits out of it, you should get a massage done once or twice a month and not more than that. Try not to have a long break as following a routine helps build upon the last massage you took so you can get the best benefit out of it.

5)Communicate with your massage therapist

It is very important you regularly communicate with your massage therapist. If there is anything you like or dislike, you can communicate it with them, and they can change it. You can tell them which oil you prefer or if the pressure applied is fine or not, and you are not facing any discomfort.

It is important to tell them if you have any injury or pain in any area so that they can be careful. If you have any area that is in pain, you can ask them to focus on that area, so it helps reduce the pain. You can also ask them to repeat something that made you feel good.

Overall, communicating with the therapist will help you get a better experience and also the most benefit out of the massage therapy.

Want to Get a Massage in Jaisalmer ?

If you are still confused and not being able to decide what is best for you, then you can get in touch with us. We are one of the well-known massage parlours in Jaisalmer. We have been in this field for a very long time now. If you like a therapist, then you can book them beforehand and get that same experience each time you visit us.

We make sure to keep all our client’s information private, so you can be rest assured and enjoy the experience. You can get in touch by calling us or visit our store anytime you want.