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Massage in kalyan have been used as a form of treatment for centuries now. Doctors earlier used to massage their patients to help them relax. In today’s world, massages have a big role since they have a calming effect and after all the tension of office and work, all we need is. something which helps us relax. The reason behind why massages are so effective is still unknown to science, but no one can deny, not even science the positive effects it has on our bodies. One place where every one of us enjoys a lot in kalyan, India. It is indeed heaven. But after all that enjoyment our bodies get tired. But don’t worry, you can have a massage in Kalyan. There are tons of Massage parlours in Kalyan. 

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What are the positive effects of having a massage in Kalyan?

There are tons of positive effects of massages in your body. Almost everyone who has had massages has felt nothing but relaxed. The demand for massage centres in Kalyan has increased significantly over the last decade. Massages, in general, have helped people in increasing mineral retention in the bones. It has also helped the fractures in bodies heal faster. But if we were to narrow down the benefits very specifically, then the benefits of massages are:- 

Helps the Skin – 

 Massage therapies are really good for our skin. How so? When massage therapies are conducted, heat is generated in our body. This helps our skin to relax. The increase of blood pressure which happens when our body is massaged allows the skin in our body to create additional nutrients which help our skin in improving its condition. The tone and texture of the skin changes as well. When you go for a massage in kalytan, you don’t have to worry about bad skin, the professional massage therapists will take care of your skin. 

Improves Cardiovascular System – 

One of the many benefits that you get from massages is that your cardiovascular system improves a lot. It improves the cardiovascular system by dilating the blood vessels in our body. This helps the body in decreasing the blood pressure to optimum levels. Since the blood flow in our bodies improves, this has a direct impact on our heart as well. Our heart is the machine where blood is pumped. Increased blood circulation in the optimum level of blood pressure helps the body in a lot of ways. One of the ways is that it improves our immune system. 

Better Immune System – 

 Our immune system’s responsibility is to clean out waste from our body. When blood circulation in our bodies increases, the metabolic waste starts cleaning out faster. This also helps the body in digesting the food better and faster. It would mean that you also don’t get sick much often since all the toxins in your body will also be removed. 

Positive Effects on Nervous System – 

Since the body stress reduces and anxiety levels go down, your nervous system starts responding better. Cortisol levels also drop down to optimum levels. It helps the body in reducing pain and provide relaxation to the muscles. If you are a woman, you can also get a massage in kalyan. The presence of both female to male massage in Kalyan is an advantage for women who are looking to get a massage from some of the most professional massage therapists. 

What are the different types of massage provided to the customers in Kalyan ?

 There is not one and not two types of massages that you can experience. If you have even the slightest of ideas about massages, you will know that there are different types of massages that you can experience. The point is to learn the massage which is best for your body. It simply means the massage which helps you relax the most is the one you should go for. So when you go to a massage parlour in Kalyan, you will find the following kinds of massages available to you: 

Swedish Massage Therapy – 

Don’t go by the fancy name of it. It is the most standard massage that you will be able to experience almost everywhere. You can come for a massage in kalyan to our parlour and you will find this kind of massage. But it does help the body in achieving complete relaxation. 

Aromatherapy Massage – 

 It is not very different from Swedish massage therapy. There won’t be a huge difference in the technique of the massage except you will be surrounded by a pleasant aroma and mood lighting in most cases. If you go for an aromatherapy massage, you will be massaged with scented plant oils. In most cases, the scent is of lavender because it is believed that it has very good healing properties. 

Hot Stone Massage – 

This is the kind of massage you won’t be able to find everywhere. When you go for a hot stone massage in kalyan, you will find that it is done with the help of small soft stones. These are not normal stones. They are known as basalt stones, the ones you get near a volcano which can retain heat well. 

Sports Massage – 

 Most of the time when you go to kalyan, you engage in water sports or other beach games. It does put pressure on your body. So when you want to relax after that, you can simply go for a massage in our massage parlour in kalyan. Sports massage is very focused on treating injuries that have occurred because of engaging in sports activities. You can also improve your overall flexibility with the help of this massage. Sports massages usually focus on manipulating the soft tissues of your body. It helps the athlete or any normal person in recovering faster from sports injuries. 


So when you are going for a massage in kalyan, ensure that you are going to a professional. Because professionals have a good understanding of the needs of your body. In addition to this, you must have regular massages to improve the overall effects of it in your body. Occasional massages help in relaxing but their effects go away really soon. 

Bliss Spa

Hanuprasad Building, 2nd Floor, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, Kalyan, Maharashtra 421301

Iconic Spa & Salon

Madhav Commercial Complex, 2nd Floor , A wing , Kalyan West, Opp Railway Station. 421301.

The Bliss Family Spa

City Mall, Plot No p4, Kalyan Shilphata, Above Monginis Cake, Dombivali West