Massage in Mira Road : Massage Therapy is as old as 3000 BCE (or even earlier) in India. It is mentioned in our Ayurveda as a sacred way of natural healing. It heals injuries, relieves pain, and prevent and cure illness.

In today’s date, no one is unfamiliar with the massage that they can get to pamper themselves. A massage is done by a massage therapist. He applies pressure over different parts of a body to relieve pain. There are many types of massages done all over the world and so in Mira Road; some well-known massages are hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage etc. This article will you a brief review of different massages before you go to search for your next comfy place. So, let’s just dig into the topic.

As we all know Mira Road is the city where nature and luxury blend in perfect harmony and so are the massages. After a busy day at work, we all want to get a perfect massage and massage in Mira Road gives you just that. Although most of the spas do not know the right way to treat their customers yet there are few spas and parlour that just know it all.

Let us understand deeply the benefits of a massage in Mira Road 9324885503

1) The most obvious benefit of a massage is the way it relaxes and calms you down. The reason is that massage releases a brain chemical that produces a feeling of well being.

2) The other benefit of a massage also comes straight i.e. it reduces stress hormones which otherwise impairs the immune system.

3) The rest are the physical benefits of getting a massage viz. reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, increased flexibility, improved skin tone and many more.

Massage is done by use of either oil or talcum powder so that a therapist’s hand slip over the person’s skin and make it easy for him to continue. Sometimes, a sheet or a thin piece of cloth is used instead. Then the body of the customer is rubbed or kneaded by using the hands. As mentioned earlier a therapist applies gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints to release pain and tension.

Now let’s move to different types of massage.

1) Myotherapy

2) Remedial

3) Therapeutic

4) Lymphatic drainage

5) Aromatherapy

6) Baby massage

7) Reflexology

8) Shiatsu

9) Sports

This are the massages done all around the world, find you’re ideal/best-suited massage and ask for it when in a spa parlour in Mira Road.

While there are many places for a perfect spa but Mira Road will leave you spellbound as you visit and admire its the scenic beauty, luxury and the way it pampers you.

Hope you visit the city soon and enjoy your favourite kind of massage.

Happy me time.