Wondering where you could get a good massage in Mumbai Central? Our parlour offers a variety of facial and body massages. Whilst body massages are a great way to rejuvenate yourself, you may not have the liberty to spare a lot of time. However, getting a facial massage will provide an equal feeling of revivification that you would get in a body massage. Along with this, facial massages have a long list of other benefits too.

How does facial massage work ? Massage Parlour in Mumbai Central

The facialist targets the lymph nodes on the neck and beneath the ears. These areas tend to get blocked and it slows down the lymphatic drainage, which is a natural process to remove waste from face. The result of this is a dull complexion and puffy face. A good facial helps in draining the toxins and gives you a bright and glowing skin.

Massaging the skin also enhances the blood flow and supplies it with more nutrients and makes it healthy. Stimulating the skin helps it come out of its lethargic state and jump-starts it to produce more collagen. It is a very important protein that is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. If you have a healthy supply of collagen then your skin will always be plump and free of fine wrinkles.

One issue that we often overlook these days is ‘jaw stress’ that we get when we unknowingly clench our teeth because of anxiety or stress. A facial massage can help in clearing these knots and gives you a firm and youthful skin.

What type of facial massage should you go for?

  • Lymphatic Drainage Facial – Made up of proteins, water, and salts; lymph moves around in our body and eliminates waste and toxins. Only a professional knows the right moves of this type of facial. It deep cleanses a tired skin, reduces inflammation in the skin, enhances microcirculation and revitalises your skin.
  • Kobido Massage – This is a Japanese facial and works using 47 different techniques on 16 facial muscles of the face, scalp, and neck. It relieves you of pains, provides oxygen to the body and relaxes you deeply.
  • Classic Massage – The classic facial massage is the regular massages that most facialists perform using tapping, stroking, kneading and pinching. Skins that show signs of photoageing and ageing need their dermis to be stimulated. This triggers the creation of new collagen.
  • Shiatsu Finger Pressure Massage – Like the Shiatsu body massage there is a Shiatsu finger pressure facial massage too. Using their palms and fingers, the facialist applies acupressure on certain points to release energy. This helps in the correction of facial wrinkles. This type of massage betters the connective tissue and muscle tone.

You can get these facial massages and body massages at our massage parlour in Mumbai Central. We offer a calm and beautiful ambience to our clients so they can relax whilst getting a massage or facial at our spa. We are equipped with modern amnesties and skilled staff that ensure your visit is worth every minute that you spend here.