Massage Parlour in Mumbai
Massage Parlour in Mumbai

Our immunity-boosting massage therapies are now a key service offering at our Massage parlour in Mumbai. Recently, many of our clients inquired about immunity boosting massages to help them overcome challenges of COVID-19.

Massage therapies have always had a direct impact on our body’s immune system. Our masseurs are aware of several techniques and massage therapies which can strengthen the immune system. The techniques used by our masseurs focus on supporting the following bodily functions through the therapy:

  • Flushing out toxins from the body
  • Improving blood flow throughout the body
  • Stimulating the white blood cells which are responsible for fighting diseases
  • Promotes lymph drainage

What immunity boosting therapies does our massage parlour in Mumbai offer?

Our current service offerings include a wide range of therapies that promote a strong immune system. Some of the most common massage therapies we use which help strengthen your immunity are Swedish massage, Abhyanga massage, Aromatherapy massage, Deep tissue massage, and Shiatsu massage.

These therapies employ different techniques that release tension in the muscles, reduce anxiety, improve blood flow and promote overall relaxation. As a result, your body feels relaxed and the energies inside your body gain better balance.

How to choose the best massage therapy ?

All therapists at our massage parlour in Mumbai have deep knowledge of different types of massage therapies. The best way to choose a massage therapy is to identify the outcome or goal of the massage.

Some clients require massage therapies because of physical injuries or sports injuries. Other clients prefer massage therapies as a means of relaxation. And recently, many of our clients are using massage to boost their immune system.

After understanding the reason of the massage, our therapists can suggest massage therapies which are suitable for you. They may even ask about how responsive your body is to different types of touch massages.

For example, some people prefer deep tissue massages where a lot of pressure is put on the muscles and joints to relieve pain. While other clients choose massage therapies, where very little pressure is placed on the muscles.

By fully communicating your expectations with the therapists, you can identify a suitable massage therapy.

How are you handling health and safety after COVID-19 ?

The lockdown period served as a time when we reoriented our services and identified ways in which we can effectively provide massage therapies keeping our staff and our clients safe. To do this, we have put a lot of emphasis on maintaining a clean and disinfected environment.

Masks are being used by all workers and by our clients too. We are also using disposable sheets and towels to reduce the spread of infection. Hands-free sanitizers have been placed at all entry and exit points and regular disinfection is conducted to maintain a healthy environment.

Our massage parlour in Mumbai is taking all the precautions that we can to make sure that you can comfortably undergo a massage therapy and even improve your immunity without risking your safety because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can I book a massage therapy at your massage parlour in Mumbai ?

You can reach out to us over phone and book an appointment in advance. This helps us reduce overcrowding at our massage parlour. Since we are trying to maintain social distancing after the lockdown, we are encouraging all our customers to pre-book their appointments before visiting our center.

As a result, we will be in a better position to provide our services to all clients without putting any of our clients or staff members at risk. Our team is now trained to start providing massage therapy services post the lockdown.