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Have you have ever wondered whether body massage gives a healthy glow to your body or not? Body massages have been used for beauty therapies since the ancient times. From aromatic oil massages to exotic seaweed wraps, these massage treatments offer immense benefits to the body. Body massages are incredibly amazing for the body. You can get a relaxing body massage at our massage parlour in Thane.

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What is the procedure of a full body beauty massage?

Dry Brushing

A soft natural bristle brush is used to brush your entire body. The brushing is done without any moisturizer or water. This helps in removing dead skin, flushes the toxins, boosts circulation and also helps with cellulite.

Body Scrubbing

Body scrubbing exfoliates the dead skin on your body. Scrub may be a grainy cream such as apricot or walnut based or natural ingredients such as salt, sugar granules and coffee grounds. The therapist rubs the scrub on your body with some pressure using various movements on the body and removes the dead skin on the body. If the pressure is too much, then one can ask the therapist to lessen the pressure applied. We also use aromatic oils and butter according to your skin type to massage lightly in your skin after the exfoliation has been complete. Scrubbing helps in improving the blood circulation of the body.

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Body Mask

The base of a body mask is usually mud or clay and it also comprises of several other ingredients like fruits, minerals and other natural ingredients. Some ingredients also include alpha hydroxy acids that work magically in healing skin damaged from the Sun. The mask detoxifies and rids the body of excessive oil and impurities. It also firms the skin and lowers cellulite in the body.

Body Wrap

In the next step, the body is wrapped with products such as seaweed, gel, algae, etc. The body is then wrapped in plastic and finally covered with a thermal blanket. This raises the temperature of the body and helps in opening up any clogged pores. Body wraps have known to work effectively for slimming also. This depends on the product that is used in wrapping the body.

Body Massage

The final step is body massage. Body massage itself has several benefits. It smoothens the skin, gets rid of dead cells, reverses the early signs of aging, heals sunburns, improves the complexion of the skin, helps in lightening stretch marks, helps in reducing dark patches, reduces marks caused by pimples, reduces fine lines of wrinkles and many more.

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Where Can I Get Body Massage Parlour in Thane?

Our massage parlour in Thane offers relaxing full body massages to our clients. We have a variety of body massages to pick from. You will be assigned an individual therapist who will make sure that your experience at our spa is a memorable one. You can take guidance from our beauty consultant about the massage that will best suit your body type and requirements.

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